FamilyEmbrace is a private community of family and friends who wish to communicate with and support a loved one experiencing a difficult life transition. The benefits of a FamilyEmbrace community are many and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • FamilyEmbrace creates an easy way for family and friends to stay in touch with a loved one who is experiencing a difficult life transition
  • FamilyEmbrace eliminates the need for multiple phone calls, texts and/or emails between family and friends who are concerned about a loved one’s status
  • FamilyEmbrace facilitates the sharing of personal stories, photos and videos between a loved one, her family and friends
  • FamilyEmbrace allows family and friends to continue to remember a lost loved one through the continuation of the community that was created on their behalf
  • FamilyEmbrace does not collect and/or sell your personal information or the information posted to your loved one’s private community

Our hope is that your community will become a storybook of sorts—one that future generations can read to learn about loved ones, family traditions, important milestones, fond memories, etc.

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