FamilyEmbrace is an exciting new tool for service providers who want to encourage patients to stay connected with their family and friends. Communication with loved ones is an invaluable service to patients at all stages of care. As a service provider, you can demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your patients by offering FamilyEmbrace to them.

There are multiple benefits to service providers who offer FamilyEmbrace to their patients:

  • FamilyEmbrace enhances the service provider’s QUALITY OF CARE by creating a support network for the patient.
  • FamilyEmbrace expands the service provider’s MARKETING efforts by connecting the service provider with the patient’s family and friends.
  • For non-profit service providers, FamilyEmbrace assists with FUNDRAISING by encouraging members of the patient’s FamilyEmbrace community to support the service provider.

How do you offer FamilyEmbrace to your patients? It couldn’t be easier – you simply give new patients an information card about FamilyEmbrace during the admission process. That’s it… there is no other obligation, financial or otherwise, for the service provider. FamilyEmbrace is free to the service provider and requires no maintenance or upkeep by the service provider.

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