We want you to have plenty of time to experience the benefits of a FamilyEmbrace community, so we allow you to use it for 30 days at no cost. After the free trial is over, the fee to keep the site active is $49 per year. Any member of your community can pay the annual fee.
We don’t like the idea of giving away our privacy in order to use a website, so we don’t expect you to give up your privacy. Other “free” sites may not charge you a fee, but like any for-profit company, they are in business to make money. So instead of charging you a fee for their service, they collect and sell your personal information to marketing companies. They also monitor the information posted on your site so that they can sell targeted advertising space on your site. We don’t do either of those things. If you like our service, we simply ask that you or another member of your community pay a small annual fee to keep the site active beyond the 30 day free trial.
You can, but social networks were not designed to create private communities in support of a loved one, so we think you will be unhappy with the results. FamilyEmbrace borrows the concept of a social network and refocuses it on creating a private community centered around one person.
Whether it’s a small group of friends or an extensive family tree, creating and maintaining a FamilyEmbrace community does require a bit of organization and decision-making. Site Facilitators have three main responsibilities:

  • invite family and friends to join the loved one’s community
  • review and delete content if a community member posts something objectionable
  • post updates to the loved one’s daily journal so that community members can stay informed about the loved one’s situation
You cannot join a FamilyEmbrace community unless you are invited. If you know someone in an existing FamilyEmbrace community that you would like to join, you can ask that person to recommend you to the Site Facilitator for membership.
It is the responsibility of the Site Facilitator to monitor the information that is posted on their FamilyEmbrace community.
If a FamilyEmbrace community is not activated beyond the 30 day free trial, the information posted on the community, i.e., comments, stories, photos, videos, etc., will not be available to the members of the community.
Service providers (facilities) do not have access to the information posted on their patients’ FamilyEmbrace communities. Site Facilitators can invite the staff of the service providers to become members of the FamilyEmbrace community if they wish to allow the staff to participate in their FamilyEmbrace community.
Your community will remain active and accessible by the members of the community as long as you or another member of your community pays the $49 annual fee. Our hope is that your community will become a storybook of sorts—one that future generations can read to learn about family traditions, important milestones, and fond memories of your loved one.