The Dignity of Privacy

We understand that your loved one’s life story is a treasure to be remembered. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice personal privacy because you want to share that gift with friends and family.

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The Gift of Legacy

Through the innovation of technology, special memories can be celebrated in perpetuity for many generations. By creating a personalized community page, loved ones’ stories continue to connect friends and family regardless of distance and time.

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The Comfort of Connection

While each of us grieves differently, we may take comfort knowing that we are not alone during times of loss or tragedy. Even though your FamilyEmbrace page may be established in honor or memory of a loved one, our members often note that their personal community also serves as a support system during this life transition.

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Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

~ Michael J. Fox

About Us

family-embrace-logo-solotreeFamilyEmbrace was developed by people like you who wanted to create a support network for a loved one, their family and their friends. Different than social media sites, FamilyEmbrace is a private community where the emphasis is on connecting and sharing with a loved one, not connecting with the world. And different from other “free” sites that collect and sell your personal information to marketing/advertising companies, FamilyEmbrace does not collect or sell your personal information or the information posted to your private community.

Finally, should a loved one pass, FamilyEmbrace gives family and friends the opportunity to keep the loved one’s memory alive. The community created on FamilyEmbrace and the information shared about a loved one by family and friends can be continued indefinitely so that family and friends can continue to remember and celebrate a loved one for years to come.

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